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As a note, many question you have might be answered on the Kickstarter, but if you can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. Most of my gaming friends are in other parts of the country, as such we primarily game over Skype where its hard to use a grid or map, and most map-making utilities are either annoying to use or locked behind yet another pay wall. Will the combat system for Planet Mercenary facilitate that kind of gameplay or would we need to invest in a map tool?

    1. In my experience, roll20 is a) free and b) works incredibly well if you desire to have grid combat online. I personally tend to not desire that, but the functionality is still there and easy to use.

    2. Check out Roll20.com. It’s a little complicated but it brings together every resource you need to run a game online, and anything like that is going to be a little complicated at least. The map tool is pretty easy to use and it has built in voice and video chat that you can enable and disable.

  2. If I select an extended mag option, will the new unlocks be automatically added to what I get as they become available, or do I only get what’s available at the time I pledge?

  3. Just wondering – I’m thinking of running a game at the Uk Games Expo next year (June I think).

    All going well with the manufacturing – are there in any ‘included’ adventures? Especially one that might be good as a one off 4-5 hour intro?

      1. That would be absolutely fantastic!

        I’m just awaiting confirmation of the GM slot availability from the Expo, so I’ll update when I get that (so as to not take all your precious time up if I’m unable to use it).

        I plan to run at least two sessions and it’d be great to show off and get some interest in the game.

      2. I’m locked in for a couple of slots for the Gamesexpo ladies and gents, and as such, I’d be very grateful for those resources (whenever you have a little more time (Stop laughing) as I appreciate you’re at the wall atm).

        let me know if you want/need any more information from me. And thanks again.

  4. Hey, guys! I’m so sorry I missed the Kickstarter! I would have totally backed it if I’d known about it, but somehow I missed it. Anyway, when are the pre-orders going to be available for those of us who didn’t get in on the Kickstarter? And are we going to be able to get any of the add-ons, like RiPPs or the challenge coins?

    I’m totally stoked for this game.

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