Character Race

The Schlockiverse is home to many kinds of people – some of whom you might even recognize as people. On worlds across the galaxy, sophonts of various kinds go about their business. The Solar worlds alone hold several intelligent species, and uncounted more races have spread themselves among the stars. Here are some of them (and how they work in game).

Humans: Since the game is for human players (currently) we treat humans as the baseline for stats. Some other races will be better at everything. Of course, being human is super-helpful if your are, for instance, attempting to woo, coerce, or otherwise socially influence another human.

There are around a trillion humans galaxy-wide. We’re not the most populous race, but we get around. We do well in crowds, we do well as loners, and (statistically speaking) we function just fine around other races.

Uniocs — One-eye-stalked sophonts, Uniocs are bad tempered, but loyal.   Their brain is in their pelvic cradle, very well protected and shielded by bone and gristle and as such called shots against the “head” of a Unioc have no extra effect.

Uplifted Animals— Genetically engineered intelligent animals, these options run the gamut from Rillas (uplifted Gorillas), Delfs (uplifted dolphins), Neophant (uplifted Elephants) and more!

Kreely — Think “hexapodal centaur with an exoskeleton.” Their six-legged lower body is about a meter high, and their torso looks vaguely humanoid — two arms, one head. They have antennae and a proboscis they use for emoting.They run faster and jump higher than many species, but have much lower endurance. They’re naturally armored with a Carapace that will turn a knife, but they’re not bulletproof.

Frellenti  — Wingless bipedal former birds, Frenllenti don’t even have usable hands (they have to use their tongue) for fine manipulation (guns, etc). They are however, very fast and very adept at falling accurately.

Vhorwed  — 3,000-6,000kg primatoids, they look a bit like Mighty Joe Young, only with longer arms and a pot-belly. Exceptionally strong and aggressive. Every mercenary captain loves to have one. The chefs? Not so much on the love.

Fobottr  — Four-armed bipeds.  Better hearing, same vision, lower manual dexterity (very chubby 3-digit hands), but they can effectively use all four arms at once. For instance, reloading one carbine while firing the other. If you don’t want them to shoot their allies, this takes training.


This is just the start of the sophonts that inhabit the Schlockiverse. You can expect more playable species, both biological and technological.

In addition, astute players might note the species of the namesake of the comic and universe is missing from this list…don’t worry. They’re in there…we just prefer to pull back that curtain at a later date.