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Rules of Engagement for the Admiralty

The highest tiers of pledges in the Planet Mercenary Kickstarter are the Admiral levels. At this level you get something we in the genre-fiction business refer to as “tuckerization,” which is when your name gets used in the core book. The most prominent current examples of tuckerization in Schlock Mercenary are Strohl Munitions (named for my friend Dan Strohl, who was the first person to spend money on Schlock Mercenary artwork) and Reverend Theo Fobius (named for my outgoing and irreverent friend Ted, who was…

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How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shurikannon

So Howard posted earlier today a spoiler of writing from the book. Not to be outdone, I’m posting one myself. But first, let me give you some back-story and example of how design and play-testing impacted this part of the game. During the early pre-Alpha days of the Schlock Mercenary playtest, we had a lack of weapons. Howard had really only canonized a handful of weapons, and obviously the players wanted more options than that. So I quickly handwaved a few companies into existence, statted…

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