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The Progress Bar

This week Alan and I built a master document spreadsheet that allows us to track our writing progress. The core book will be between 125k and 140k words long, and while we know what those words will be LIKE, we don’t know what exactly those words ARE yet. I’ve begun taking screen grabs of the relevant cells in the spreadsheet. Here’s the latest one.     When this week began we were at 19%. Yesterday’s writing carried us from 28.2% to 30.08%. A couple of days…

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Entering the Final, Pre-Kickstarter Stretch

Alan and I have been grinding on things for a couple of weeks now, and we’re almost ready* to launch the Kickstarter that will fund the printing of the books, and the creation of all the interior artwork. Here’s a teaser: This is the first of the finished pre-Kickstarter pieces to be turned in. This particular location has not yet appeared in the comic itself, but it’s one of the places you can go to meet fascinating new lifeforms. Whether or not you’ll need to…

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Rules Revisions, Playtestings, Updates

Hey SchlockTroops Fans! It’s been a long time. I know, I know, you missed me. It’s all good. Thought I’d pop in, give a quick update, and let y’all know how we’re doing. Schlock RPG Meetings are going strong.  We’ve got the point where we’re laying out the Kickstarter Campaign, looking into art, pricing books, and covers, and stretch goals. We really want to make this awesome and blow you out of the water. Part of the delay has been some hefty rule tweaks. In playtesting,…

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GenCon Indy 2014 (Howard’s Report)

This was probably my best-ever year at GenCon Indy. With bullets: The Wallrike scooped me up at the airport, saving me cab fare, helping me sort out a housing snafu, and basically being excellent company. The Kokomo Irregulars had the booth completely loaded and assembled by Wednesday at noon. I got all of my Massively Parallel bonus story rows penciled on Wednesday by dinner time, while sitting in the awesome booth. I got to hang out with cool people all weekend. Some of them are name-droppable.…

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Find Me (Alan) at GenCon

If you didn’t already know, I will be at GenCon Indy week. My schedule is pretty crazy and packed but we’ll see what you can figure out. If you find me, we’ll be throwing together random tests and play of the Schlock Mercenary RPG. I fly in Wednesday night, and have a Pathfinder game with friends.  After that…see the schedule below. Thursday 2-6 pm: I work the Greater Than Games booth 7 pm: L5R RPG Grand Experience 8:30 pm: Demoing Gallant with Dungeon Crawler Radio Friday 11…

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Developing the Amorph

So Howard has blogged recently about the difficulties about amorphs as a player option. Some of you might ask, what are amorphs? Click here That. And since Schlock is really the defining (and title character) of the series, it’s hard to have a game with out the amorphs. So we’ve spent a lot of time dissecting, talking about and working on amorphs. Let’s list some of the powers our favorite amorph displays as a benefit of being an amorph? (These are based upon my reread…

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