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A Quick Update

Here’s a quick update, by the numbers: 1) We’ve been quiet here because we’ve been posting our updates to the Kickstarter. 2) We’re behind schedule. 3) It’s still looking awesome. We’re behind schedule because we’re taking time getting everything right. 4) Here are the equatorial ice cliffs of Europa:

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The Seventy Maxims Project

It looks like the Seventy Maxims stretch goal will get met sometime in the next week, which means we will eventually need to start laying this book out. It also means we should tell you what it will look like. We don’t have page images yet. For now you’ll need to settle for the specs: 80pp, saddle-stitched, hardback 5.5″ x 8.2″ (smaller than the Schlock Mercenary collections) One maxim per page Editor’s commentary on each maxim margin notes, “hand-written” (written by hand, but reproduced via…

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Nudging the Progress Bar

It’s been eleven days since my last Progress Bar post, and in that time we’ve only moved the bar by 3%. We did, however, clear the 33% mark, so I’m cheering at the milestone. The really important progress isn’t visible in the percentages. Today I finished the last of the core game-play elements, which means Alan now has everything he needs to stat out the various ship, vehicle, armor, weapon, and character options. Of course, when I say “core” what I mean is these things…

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The Kickstarter Launches on April 14th

 The Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter will launch on April 14th, 2015. That’s two weeks from tomorrow. If you need a reminder, here’s a wallpaper you can use! We also have a wallpaper for you that isn’t quite so busy… The project’s goal is to fund the art and the printing of a 208-page hardbound, full color core book, and a deck of 50 cards that are an important part of the role-playing mechanic we’ve developed.  In addition to those key elements, we plan to offer some…

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How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shurikannon

So Howard posted earlier today a spoiler of writing from the book. Not to be outdone, I’m posting one myself. But first, let me give you some back-story and example of how design and play-testing impacted this part of the game. During the early pre-Alpha days of the Schlock Mercenary playtest, we had a lack of weapons. Howard had really only canonized a handful of weapons, and obviously the players wanted more options than that. So I quickly handwaved a few companies into existence, statted…

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