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The very first mechanic I dreamed up for this game was the one that involved cards. At the time I was unclear on exactly how it would work, but Alan spent eighteen months grinding on it with is alpha-test team, and out of that effort sprang the thing we now call the MAYHEM! deck. Many of you have asked what the MAYHEM cards will be like, and we’ve teased you a bit by dropping some card names on you. This, unfortunately, is not the post…

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Taking One for the Team or The Ablative Meat Shield Rule

One of the biggest innovations (yes, I’m gonna toot our own horn here) in Planet Mercenary: The Roleplaying Game, is what we have titled: “The Ablative Meat Shield” rule. The idea revolves around one that, while your characters are the title characters in a show, the real star is the mercenary charter as a whole.  It’s not just you, or your friends in the command staff, but the grunts, the support team, the mechanics. It’s everyone. This rule helps you tell their stories.

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