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Entering the Final, Pre-Kickstarter Stretch

Alan and I have been grinding on things for a couple of weeks now, and we’re almost ready* to launch the Kickstarter that will fund the printing of the books, and the creation of all the interior artwork. Here’s a teaser: This is the first of the finished pre-Kickstarter pieces to be turned in. This particular location has not yet appeared in the comic itself, but it’s one of the places you can go to meet fascinating new lifeforms. Whether or not you’ll need to…

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GenCon Indy 2014 (Howard’s Report)

This was probably my best-ever year at GenCon Indy. With bullets: The Wallrike scooped me up at the airport, saving me cab fare, helping me sort out a housing snafu, and basically being excellent company. The Kokomo Irregulars had the booth completely loaded and assembled by Wednesday at noon. I got all of my Massively Parallel bonus story rows penciled on Wednesday by dinner time, while sitting in the awesome booth. I got to hang out with cool people all weekend. Some of them are name-droppable.…

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Mercenary Mondays: Monthly Meetings

Usually Alan posts the “Mercenary Mondays” feature, but Howard dragged him into a meeting with the Schlock Mercenary chief of operations, Sandra Tayler, and the better part of the afternoon was spent on boring things like page counts, card design, price points, and profit margins. Then, adding insult to injury in the “make work from play” category, we scheduled regular meetings each month so that Alan and I can check in with Sandra, who will be the driving force behind turning all of the writing,…

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Amorphs? Broken.

Alan keeps whining about how overpowered Sergeant Schlock would be in a game setting. I find this amusing. Also? Problematic. This is one of those things we need to solve, because while it’s totally okay to have some characters be tougher and more versatile than others, it’s a lot less okay to have a game in which everybody who did NOT play an amorph is bored. I’m considering building a “there go the piano lessons” mechanic as an automatic weakness for amorphs.  During every combat…

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Howard’s To-Do List

I keep thinking that the Schlock Mercenary universe, or “Schlockiverse” as we’ve come to call it, is pretty well fleshed-out. Then Alan runs a play test, and comes back with crazy questions like “how much does it cost to get blood nannies like the Toughs have in the comic?” or “do mercenaries get exemptions to gun-control laws?” (My answers were “the players should be able to afford this” and “that depends on the law, the location, and the gun.”) While a huge part of the…

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