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I write and illustrate Schlock Mercenary, and I do lots of other stuff too.

A Quick Update

Here’s a quick update, by the numbers: 1) We’ve been quiet here because we’ve been posting our updates to the Kickstarter. 2) We’re behind schedule. 3) It’s still looking awesome. We’re behind schedule because we’re taking time getting everything right. 4) Here are the equatorial ice cliffs of Europa:

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Planet Mercenary, now websiting to a planet near you!

The in-universe Planet Mercenary website is live! Our plan is to use this site as fringe supplemental material for the game. It’s in-universe, and it’s from the same in-universe company that is producing the in-universe RPG book, so the rabbit-hole goes kind of deep when we write for it. We’ll try to not sound like Alan, Howard, Sandra, and others when we post, but obviously our voices will show through a bit. The site is under all kinds of construction, and is obviously a lesser…

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The very first mechanic I dreamed up for this game was the one that involved cards. At the time I was unclear on exactly how it would work, but Alan spent eighteen months grinding on it with is alpha-test team, and out of that effort sprang the thing we now call the MAYHEM! deck. Many of you have asked what the MAYHEM cards will be like, and we’ve teased you a bit by dropping some card names on you. This, unfortunately, is not the post…

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The Seventy Maxims Project

It looks like the Seventy Maxims stretch goal will get met sometime in the next week, which means we will eventually need to start laying this book out. It also means we should tell you what it will look like. We don’t have page images yet. For now you’ll need to settle for the specs: 80pp, saddle-stitched, hardback 5.5″ x 8.2″ (smaller than the Schlock Mercenary collections) One maxim per page Editor’s commentary on each maxim margin notes, “hand-written” (written by hand, but reproduced via…

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