A Cover Mockup

It’s been quiet here. TOO quiet.

Here’s a mockup of the Planet Mercenary book cover.

Art by Jeff Zugale, logo, lettering, and mockery by Howard Tayler

And now, before you go there, a note on the “astronomy.” This is not a snapshot of a scene. It is an illustration of the spirit of the game—guns, spaceships, soldiers, and lots of different worlds. Like comic-book covers, this cover is designed to evoke more than a single moment.

So don’t bother complaining about the improbable placement of the planets, or mentioning how terrible the tides would be. We know all this. Jeff is a hard-core science fiction guy who ALSO knows how to design a proper book cover.

For the interior illustrations, however, Howard is taking great pains to ensure “snapshot” accuracy wherever possible. “The planet wouldn’t be visible at that size from the Lagrange point, where this station sits” is an exact quote from an email he sent to an artist.


We’ve posted a couple of updates to the Kickstarter page. Most notably, we have slipped the schedule a bit. The physical products are now scheduled for shipping in September of this year (2016) with the digital drops happening in July or August.

We won’t have physical goods for people to pick up at GenCon Indy, but we will be hosting several game sessions there.

If you need to update your shipping address and don’t have your Backerkit login, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Visit https://planet-mercenary-rpg.backerkit.com/
  2. Enter the email address you used when you backed the Planet Mercenary project
  3. Further instructions and your login details will be sent to that email address.

2 thoughts on “A Cover Mockup”

  1. This looks awesome! I’m happy the current decision is to have the boxes on the back be somewhat transparent, so more of the art can shine through.

    Thanks for the update!

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