Planet Mercenary, now websiting to a planet near you!

The in-universe Planet Mercenary website is live!

Our plan is to use this site as fringe supplemental material for the game. It’s in-universe, and it’s from the same in-universe company that is producing the in-universe RPG book, so the rabbit-hole goes kind of deep when we write for it. We’ll try to not sound like Alan, Howard, Sandra, and others when we post, but obviously our voices will show through a bit.

The site is under all kinds of construction, and is obviously a lesser priority than the core RPG materials. Part of the “extended R&D” budget has gone toward building a full CMS under this, complete with a website guy who can do things like fix the mobile layout, and add admin features for us.

Some of the content on the site will echo or duplicate content in the book. Some of it will be cutting-room floor items from the book. Most of it, however, will be stuff that we wanted to say, just for fun, that wouldn’t fit in the book to begin with. Including news from the Planet Mercenary R&D team, led by the ever-looking-over-his shoulder Terl’Kris, as they work on the RPG kits. Meta? Yes.

We’re leading by example here. The Planet Mercenary RPG is about role play and story and immersion, and if you look at the Planet Mercenary website what you’ll see is us role playing as writers talking about their writing work on a role playing game. At the very least this will be very good practice for us.