Coming Soon: The Planet Mercenary Corporate Website!

We don’t have anything to link to yet, but with the help of Gary “@Tarlen” Henson of Plus 14, ltd (the same Plus 14, ltd that brought you the Schlock Mercenary app for iOS) we are building an in-universe website for Planet Mercenary.

Here is a bit of flavor text from the “Jobs” section of that website

Do you want real job security? Not the namby-pamby “in-and-out” career path fecum that lesser mortals pad their resumés with, but the true career super-highway of finding your life’s work in the hallowed halls of a large, financially sound organization…

You do? Next question: What are you willing to do for it?

If your answer is “anything” then your passion for lifelong employment is exactly what we’re looking for. Welcome to the massively multi-world conglomerate that is the Planet Mercenary family!

Doesn’t that sound enticing? Here’s the recruiting pitch from their Public Relations and Legal divisions:

Turn your pathology into a paycheck! If prevarication is second nature to you, we’ll correct that little flaw, and help you realize your full potential. Your nascent propensity to “lie like a rug” will flower into a massive bed made of pure money.

Planet Mercenary’s Public Relations department turns disasters into opportunities, and PM Legal turns opportunities into the profitable exploitation of the unwitting, the unwary, and the undeserving. Join us, and someday as you’re spinning dark and ugly truths into the shining white lies of public image and “not guilty” verdicts, you’ll look back on your sophomoric days of dishonesty and see the origin story of a Public Relations hero.

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  1. Thank you for implementing this project. If I hadn’t heard about it through Fandible’s podcast, I might have never been introduced to Schlock Mercenary. And that would have been quite a shame. This is definitely one of my great reads of the year; I hope your all very proud because on both fronts you have earned every bit of it!

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