Progress Report: May 2nd

The Kickstarter has cleared another stretch goal ($125k,) and we’re just past the halfway mark in the campaign. Here’s our progress on other fronts:


  • The cover is in late draft stages. Jeff Zugale has been working on it, and we hope to have a draft tidied up enough to share next week.
  • Spot illustrations, of which there will be well over 100 pieces, are on hold until we have budget. There won’t be much more to show until the Kickstarter closes and we can begin commissioning more of them.
  • Maps haven’t really been begun yet. We wanted to wait until we saw whether we’d get that additional 16 pages, so that we knew the size of the job.


  • The outline has been done for quite some time, and Howard is busily putting meat on those bones. We estimate a total printed word-count of 125,000, with a draft count of 135,000 or more (Howard’s drafts tend to be pretty clean.)
  • As of this post, our progress bar for that 135,000 word draft stands at 40%, or just over 50,000 words.


  • The core rule set (D6³ plus the Mayhem deck) is locked in. The first layer above that core—assigning numbers to things—is being hammered on by play testers. We’ll be tweaking the numbers once we have good data from that group.
  • The upper layers—attributes, bonuses, penalties, and card actions—are about 80% locked down. Again, play-testers are hammering on things, and we’re collecting their data.
  • The topmost layer, the technical writing that describes everything in explicit, easy-to-understand (yet still entertaining) prose hasn’t really begun yet. That’s about 25,000 words of writing, and Alan and Howard will jump on that once the lower layers stop shifting.

Layout & Production

  • We have bids from all our manufacturers, and from many of our alternates. We don’t have final amounts, and haven’t placed any orders, but we can’t do that until after the Kickstarter closes.
  • Sandra has InDesign templates for the different kinds of pages, and Howard is about 1/3rd of the way through creating the various page elements—textures, table borders, callout frames.
  • The Kickstarter closes in 16 days. As of this writing it’s very likely we’ll be hitting the $150k stretch. If we pick up sufficient momentum, stretch goals have been outlined clear out to the $250k mark. In brief and in order, they are RiPP tokens (Add-on at $175k), 16 more pages of races, foes, gear, and locations (Core Upgrade at $200k), Game Chief Screens (Add-On at $225k),  and we’re keeping the last one a secret.

We’ll post an update to the Kickstarter page on Monday or Tuesday, and we hope to build momentum during these last two weeks. Reaching $150k isn’t really in doubt, but I’ve got my heart set on doing tokens, more pages, and a big, gorgeous Game Chief screen.

5 thoughts on “Progress Report: May 2nd”

  1. >The first layer above that core—assigning numbers to things—is being hammered on by play testers. We’ll be tweaking the numbers once we have good data from that group.

    Is playtester signup closed? I sent you guys an email a couple of days ago, according to the instructions on the Kickstarter page, and I haven’t gotten a response back yet.

  2. > Reaching $150k isn’t really in doubt

    Oh, good. That’s a relief.
    Frankly, it was Karl Tagon’s annotated copy of the Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries that sold me up to the $75 level.

    1. If we get to about 140 I’m going to pay another 20 dollars to upgrade mine up to Extended Mag just for that very reason too.

  3. Do you have any ability to add in more “large donor” level items? I noticed that all $15K from the large donors (admirals) are now gone, and I wonder if there aren’t other big money opportunities being missed.

    Yes, I want more stretch goals :-)

    1. We just had a business meeting in which Sandra floated a new set of rewards past me. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Everything that was worth spending more money on required my time, and my time is already spent to the wall.

      In short, no.

      If we want to reach stretch goals, we’re not going to do it by soaking our existing backers for more money. We’re going to do it by bringing in new backers. We brought in 236 new backers *today* so I think this strategy is a viable one.

      I want more stretch goals too.

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