Success and Failure

The success of your gaming session should be independent of the success of the party in meeting mission objectives.

This is one of our guideposts in developing the Planet Mercenary RPG. The Mayhem deck, the RiPP system, and the Ablative Meat rule are just a few of the ways we make it easier for the party to fail disastrously in their mission, but we’ve designed those so that such a failure will be enjoyable.

You don’t have to play the game this way. You can earn and spend RiPPs like water if your Game Chief wants to help the party soft-shoe their way to a mission success, and as with any role playing game, every rule we write is subject to the decrees of the Game Chief. It is our hope, however, that role players will step up to the challenge of failing in-game in order to tell a wonderful, hilarious, touching, amazing story to each other during the game session.

Sure, sure, you can also achieve victory over your in-game enemies, but if you do, we want that to be a really good story, too.

2 thoughts on “Success and Failure”

  1. Hear hear.

    Nothing is as much fun as seeing your best laid plans go to pieces in hilarious ways because of maxim #47. And then having to roleplay/fight your way through to just survive (and make payroll). With liberal use of maxims #2 and #3. And if you survive remind your opponent of maxim #35 at your earliest convienance.

    And rember if stuff goes wrong maxim #4 will save your life.

  2. Thank you! Every RPG I have ever played required that the party succeed in the mission for the game to be any fun at all. I can’t wait for the chance to play a game where dismal failure is awesome too.

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