We’re Live on Kickstarter!

The Planet Mercenary Role Playing Game is now live on Kickstarter, but the odds are pretty good that you already knew that. If you want an easy to remember link to the project, it’s bit.ly/PM-RPG.

We expect a lot of questions to crop up about everything from the direction we took with the game design to the finer points of outfitting characters for long, profitable lives. We’ll have posts in here that are aimed at those exact discussions.

For now, however, we’re pretty tightly focused on meeting our funding goals. Speaking of goals, ff you’re inclined to evangelize, here are some cool selling points for the Planet Mercenary RPG book:

  • Role-players will enjoy the lean, fast combat system. It rewards solid planning, quick thinking and good role-playing. Lucky dice don’t hurt either.
  • Game Masters will appreciate the flexibility the system gives them. They’ll have a good collection of carrots and sticks, and by the end of the second session their players will be aggressively cooperating in the creation of engaging stories starring the characters they create.
  • Non-role-players can consume the book as a continuous, narrative stream of Schlock Mercenary footnotes. Fans of Schlock Mercenary are already coveting the 180 indispensable pages of illustrated encyclopedia (and don’t mind having 28 additional pages of rules they can look at and wonder whether they should role-play.)

If you’ve already pledged, and you want to help out some more, get your friends excited about this as well. The more the merrier!