Nudging the Progress Bar

It’s been eleven days since my last Progress Bar post, and in that time we’ve only moved the bar by 3%. We did, however, clear the 33% mark, so I’m cheering at the milestone.


The really important progress isn’t visible in the percentages. Today I finished the last of the core game-play elements, which means Alan now has everything he needs to stat out the various ship, vehicle, armor, weapon, and character options.

Of course, when I say “core” what I mean is these things have names and attributes. They do not yet have any story, and the nature of this game demands that story elements be there. In the chart above, this is reflected in the word counts. The document with 2,559 words in it is “core complete,” but requires another 7,500 words of prose to be “draft complete.”

And from there it requires at least three editing passes to be ready for print, but that’s going to be a completely different progress bar.

3 thoughts on “Nudging the Progress Bar”

  1. Please tell me that this isn’t going to turn out like the Exalted 3e Kickstarter, whose product is going on two years late thanks to endless writing and editting and re-writing.

    1. Not at all!

      The rules are 95% written and are already play tested extensively. The writing left is fluff by Howard, and believe me, we’re gonna hit that deadline.

      Neither Howard nor I are willing to compromise our professional integrity and make people wait. We’ll be on time, and with exceptional quality, or die trying.

    2. Exalted 3 was always going to be late. The promised date was never anything but an outright falsehood that the actual devs had to push by the money people to let thm even get to the kickstarter.

      Basically, they gambled everything on the Exalted-playing, Exalted-buying fanbase throwing so much money at the Kickstarter that the money people would have literally no choice but to let them write it on a “when it is done” schedule. This was because the property was owned by Crowd Control Productions, the videogame company behind EvE online, which only bought White Wolf in its entirety because they thought they could make loads of money off a Vampire game and they didn’t want a White Wolf which was flushed with the success (and royalties from that license sale) demanding a much higher price for the sequel, so they just bought the company outright, and for all they cared for the tabletop lines, they could’ve just thrown those IPs in a box and bricked them up in a subasement in the farthest reaches of Iceland. So Onyx Path Productions had to buy the license off them, which they would only do if they were fed a happy lie WRT release date, by the actual people who love and work on Exalted, Hatewheel and Holden, who are basically shouldering most of the entire burden of the game development despite being contractors who haven’t seen a nickle yet.

      They were in a very, very different situation from Howard and Alan, and they did what they had to do to get Exalted 3 to happen at all, and after they pulled in record-breaking sums of money, they had the clout to do it *right*.

      And I’m sure Howard and Alan will get it done *right,* too. But unlike Ex3, the Planet Mercenary RPG had the luxury of having had lead time to work on stuff before going to the crowdfunding stage – they also didn’t have two whole previous editions of stuff to work with and against them, nor do they have an unpleasable fanbase, members of whom (like myself) are going to be furiously angry at them for something they’ve done that they’ve felt was the right thing to do.

      Not entirely dissimilar situations, but so vastly different that I think you need to cut them a break.

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