The Kickstarter Launches on April 14th

Art in the above image is by Justin Davis, Rodolpho Langhi, Ben McSweeny, and Tan Ho Sim, with layout and lettering by Howard Tayler

 The Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter will launch on April 14th, 2015.

That’s two weeks from tomorrow.

If you need a reminder, here’s a wallpaper you can use!

Wallpaper-PM-KickstarterPre-Announce2We also have a wallpaper for you that isn’t quite so busy…Schlock Mercenary Strip

The project’s goal is to fund the art and the printing of a 208-page hardbound, full color core book, and a deck of 50 cards that are an important part of the role-playing mechanic we’ve developed.  In addition to those key elements, we plan to offer some digital rewards, including PDFs for the core materials and some nifty wallpapers, and our stretch goals will include supplemental materials like additional adventure modules, dice, and even additional pages in the book.

We’ll give you all the details in a couple of weeks. For now, Alan, Sandra, and I still have a lot of work to do to get ready for the launch. It’s possible that Kickstarter will delay us a bit over some thing or another, but barring inconvenient unforseen unknowns, we’ll see you over on Kickstarter on April 14th…

11 thoughts on “The Kickstarter Launches on April 14th”

    1. Ah…but does it compare to an open (full) barrel of Ovalkwik?
      I hope so. certainly looking forward to a new RPG system.

    1. 28mm figures are on the list of things we will definitely NOT be doing. They are outside the scope of the project, and “scope creep” is the death of Kickstarters far and wide.

      That’s not to say that a smash hit wouldn’t open the door for custom figures at a future date, but that door probably opens on the path Monte and Shanna took with Numenera, which is to license the designs to Reaper, and have Reaper make the miniatures.

      1. speaking of miniatures: are there plans for a full line so you can use minitaures instead of cardboard pieces when playing the boardgame?

  1. Oh, I am so looking forward to contributing towards the Schlock r.p.g.!

    Now, all we need is a licensed full-size prop replica of the plasma gun (complete with ominous hummmm) and we are good to go!

  2. Is the lady in the picture on the left one of the Toughs? She looks sort of like how Elf or Murtaugh might look in a more realistic style.

    Also, looking forward to seeing the different Strohl Munitions plasgun models expounded upon! It looks like there’s four different models of them in that picture, along with an M-3 Tater.

    1. I don’t think it’s elf Elf. It sort-of looks like her, but that doesn’t look to me like any uniform the Toughs have ever issued. The closest match to Elf would be Elf after the Zoojack incident, but even then it’s such a poor match I don’t think it’s Elf, and here’s why:

      1: After Breia punched Tagon through a wall for getting her a Valkyrie Suit with twin chest-mounted landing bays, no Toughs armorer would issue a Tough lady with that kind of attention-grabbing metal boob-plate.

      2: While those are indeed metal greaves, they don’t appear to be the gigantor-XXL powersuit legs that were retrofitted as prosthetics for Elf following the loss of her tank (and her lower legs) on the Zoojack. They’re just not remotely big enough.

      3: Elf was a Lieutenant at the time of and postceding the Zoojack incident, and while the short hair mostly fits (she had a short ponytail at the time, but the woman in that image could have a ponytail which is behind her neck from that perspective,) that woman doesn’t have any rank tabs.

      4: Elf was wearing red at that time, not green.

      So, not likely to be Elf. The collar and the pockets are somewhat reminiscent of the Tough’s latest uniforms, but the boob-plate and greaves don’t match. Additionally, the men behind her appear to be wearing metal skull-cap helmets and shoulder pauldrons, while the Toughs have always had deployable powered fullerene helmets with their non-full-battlesuits. (Also, Elf isn’t stupid enough to go into battle with her head exposed.)

      As for the weapons in that blueprint:

      The top right three handgun looking weapons are clearly various models of G/G pistol. Below them on the right, with the forward-curved magazine, is a G/G-typemachine pistol. In the top-left are four Strhol Munitions BH-series plasguns. The far lest is a BH-209, the dead-center one is a BH-250. Above them are much smaller BH plasguns than have ever been seen in the comic.

      In the middle-bottom left is a Sthrol Munitions Short-barrel handcannon, colloquially referred to as a “Shortbarrel Rotary Fifty,” a belt-fed weapon capable of tremendous (or not-so-tremendous) rates of fire.

      Middle-bottom right is, of course, an Urtheep M-3 “Tater,” basically a miniaturized milspec nanofabber mated to an annoyingly pacifistic AI and designed with the sole purpose of nonlethally incapacitating any and all known sophont, and known for refusing to fire if it cannot do so safely. Hack it to remove those restrictions, and it can become exceedingly lethal, up to and including building you your own personal fleet of combat drones, during combat.

      Bottom looks like some kind of sniper rifle, naturally. Given the old-world-style stock, I’m inclined to say it’s a hunting rifle. It looks quite similar to the weapon that The woman on Schlock’s homeworld who was selling amorphs into slavery was wielding, though hers appears to have been extensively customized away from the base model, as one might expect from a hunting weapon.

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