Progress and an Excerpt

We’ve been collecting preliminary artwork, and hammering away in earnest on the text itself. Here’s a teaser, from the Weapons section, under the description of the Phubahr Zeussomator, which is an ion gun that you shouldn’t ever use:

If, however, we dare to make assumptions, and if we further dare to stretch our hands heavenward and implore favor from previously invoked deities and assume that you put on a proper ion suit before discharging the Zeussomator, it is not beyond the arc-lit pale to imagine a bolt of lightning connecting the tip of the weapon to the center of mass of your target, smiting the wicked with jolly joules numbering in the billions. You will, for one sharply illuminated moment, be wielding the very Finger of God, and those you touch will feel power a million times greater than that imparted by the now mundane 15mm Bestco Breaker Bar.

It went a little purple, I know. The book will read that way in spots. It needs to. Also, it’s more fun for me to write it this way.

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  1. You will have the AP-229 in the book, right? I want a slightly safer way to shoot a hole in the sky.

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