A Teaser from the fluff-drafts

Remember the Popso vending machine on the Kitesfear? It’s going to be in the book:

A Popso Vending Station takes standard power leads, but can only be refilled using proprietary issue Popso Nutrifuel Blocks, affectionately called “bricks” by those who will consume the delectables into which they are converted by the vending station. It is critically important to note that the raw bricks are themselves utterly and completely non-comestible*.

*Note: independent verification of this statement cannot be discouraged strongly enough. Just don’t, okay? No. NO! Take that out of your… oh, never mind. Put the book down and call a medic.

On one level we’re creating a game in a richly detailed universe. On another level, I get to write a big stack of awesome Schlock Mercenary footnotes.

4 thoughts on “A Teaser from the fluff-drafts”

  1. I love how you’ve been using the thesaurus to help give some flavor of how the language has naturally evolved even in the translation from Galstandard to contemporary English.

    1. Note: If “thesauri” is not an actual word, I plead “intellectual honesty,” because in posting that comment I refused to crack a dictionary to check. Also, thesauri is funnier than thesauruses. It’s not the funniest thesaurus-related word I could come up with, but it served the joke far better than thesauropotomus would have.

  2. If I recall correctly, it was a Popso vending machine that Kevyn cannibalized to create the uplift-protocol robot that had to last centuries.

    Popso must really overbuild those things, if they exceed the durability and lifetime expectancy of military hardware. Either they expect their Vending Stations to take heavy abuse at the hands of their customers (or their customers’ antagonists jumping them in the vending area,) or they sign very long duration contracts, or both. That would also explain why Tagon and co. were so eager to get out of paying for the repairs to their machine; such a heavily-built machine with such a long life-expectancy and so many things up to and including vehicular vandalism covered under warranty must have a ruinous repairs-not-covered-under-warranty penalty clause.

    I do hope you’re going to include rules for whatever medical maladies befall the player who is, of course, going to be stupid enough to ignore that warning caveat and eat a Popso brick. (Well, I imagine a carbosilicate amorph could get away with it, and maaybe a vhorwed, with a G-I tract like a metropolitan waste recycling plant.)

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