Mercenary Mondays: Monthly Meetings

Usually Alan posts the “Mercenary Mondays” feature, but Howard dragged him into a meeting with the Schlock Mercenary chief of operations, Sandra Tayler, and the better part of the afternoon was spent on boring things like page counts, card design, price points, and profit margins.

Then, adding insult to injury in the “make work from play” category, we scheduled regular meetings each month so that Alan and I can check in with Sandra, who will be the driving force behind turning all of the writing, designing, testing, and illustration into something people can hold in their hands.

I think my favorite part of that meeting was when Sandra looked at the list of activities, deliverables, components, and participating parties and said “2015 might be a one-book year.” That means that although we’d hoped to put out two collections of Schlock Mercenary comics in 2015, if the RPG project takes place in that same year, we’re only going to do one.  In short, she had wrapped her head around the project and now knew the size of it, and seriously, folks, I can’t overstate the importance of having somebody on the team who can do that.