GenCon and Playtesting

Schlock RPG DriveHuh. Look at that.  That looks like  the drive of someone hard at work.

Consider it a sneak peek of what’s coming down the pipeline as we discuss what we’re working on.

We’ve already had a few requests to playtest the game and we understand the excitement. Believe me, I can’t wait to see what shenanigans and messes you all find and create. It’s gonna be fantastic.

That being said, we’re currently not looking for new playtesters. We’ve got two groups going and we’re getting a lot of good feedback right now. We will be opening those floodgates soon. Because feedback.

Now. Conveniently,  Howard and I are both going to GenCon 2014 in Indianapolis. We’re not going for the Schlock RPG, but we will be there.

If you can find myself and three other like minded individuals, there is a good chance I would demo the game for you. (Read that good chance as pretty much gonna happen if you can track me down).  It’ll be random, at any given time, and when I find 4 players, but, this is a chance for those of you who wanna get a sneak peek of what we’ve got going here to see what this hubbub is all about.*

I’ll be tweeting updates about where I am,  so either reach out and we’ll schedule a time,  or just hunt me down. You can find me either working the Greater Than Games booth, hanging around the Legend of the Five Rings area (I’ll be in nationals there, so I’ll be busy then), or lurking around the dealer hall with my friends.

*I should clarify that there’s is no guarantee of Mr. Tayler participating or even being there while the game is played.

3 thoughts on “GenCon and Playtesting”

  1. Oh sure, first time in a decade I have to miss GC, and the license I’ve been waiting years for pops up outta nowhere.

    Definitely looking forward to this!

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