Serial, daily space opera with punchlines

What could possibly be better then reading the exploits of 31st-century, battle-hardened, interspeciated interstellar mercenaries?

Telling your own stories in that same setting, of course! You’ve come to SchlockTroops, the home page for the currently untitled role-playing game set in the Schlock Mercenary universe. The game is being built on an “engine” envisioned by Howard Tayler, the creator of Schlock Mercenary, and designed and tested by Alan Bahr, game designer and RPG aficionado. Between the two of them they have thousands of hours of game play experience.

At its core, the game uses a simple stat-plus-die mechanic for determining success or failure of a given activity. The dice in use are six-sided, and players will need three of them. Preferably three per player. Oh, and one of each set of three dice should be readily distinguishable from the other two.

Schlock3d6Obviously there’s more to it than that. The -Developer’s Journal- contains all the musings, ideas and behind the scenes development aspects of the game, and we welcome comments and discussion on those posts. Sound off!

In the very first Schlock Mercenary strip we learn the slogan of Captain Tagon’s company: Travel the galaxy, meet fascinating new life forms, and kill them.  That slogan provides a solid, thematic underpinning for this project.

  • If you want to learn more about what Schlock Mercenary is, and the setting of this role-playing game, you should probably TRAVEL THE GALAXY.
  • Looking for more information on the combat, the killing, and the awesome and unique COMPLICATION mechanic, begin reading at the conjunction AND THEN KILL THEM.

This site won’t have specific, playable game mechanics on it. Ultimately, the Schlock Mercenary role-playing game will be a couple hundred pages of hard-bound awesome, which we’ll be selling. You know, because “mercenary.” Also because “eat” and “roof.” But if you stick around here you’ll get all the relevant news, fun snippets from the world-book, play-test reports, and plenty of teasers.